What is parenting in awareness?

When I became a mother, I had very clear intentions on how I wanted to parent: with love, tenderness, compassion, patience, tolerance and acceptance (among other things). But what came out when I was stressed and fatigued (a common state of being for many parents) was something entirely different. Things often fell out of my mouth that shocked me, even as I spoke them. What I soon discovered was that my “default mode” was not who I had intended myself to be as a parent, but rather who I had become from generations and generations of parenting before me. I soon realized that in order to be the mother I desired, it would take constant awareness and a consistent willingness to stop, breathe, and redirect; for I was about to partake on a journey of breaking the mold created through multiple generations of learned and repeated behaviors.

This blog is about our journey through parenting in awareness.  Welcome and please feel free to share.


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