What is awareness?

I’ve been trying to figure out why I created this blog and what I really wanted to say with it. It was really drawn out of a passion for parenting and raising children to be all that they can be. To give them freedom to grow and develop knowing and expressing their true voice. What I’ve found as I move through this journey is that this is not as easy as I originally thought it would be. I’ve talked about this before…how stress and fatigue and failure to care for myself can bring out all of the “stuff” I want to prevent from passing on and have sort of come to this place of accepting that this is all just part of the journey. The fact is that trying to identify what I want to say under the heading of “parenting in awareness” has created a block to actually getting it out here. So, I’m going to quit trying to define it and just share my experiences as I go through this grand journey of being and developing as a parent.

So, what is awareness? For me, just paying attention, taking responsibility, have accountability, and having the courage to clean up  my own messes. I had a conversation with a Dad recently about his 10 year old. He said that he feared she was figuring out that he didn’t know everything. He was trying to stay ahead of her, but he feared she was catching on. One thing I’ve always known is that I wanted to be honest with my children. If I make a mistake, I own up to it. If I overreact, I apologize for it. If I find that I’m being overly controlling, I acknowledge it. Does this take away my power as a parent? I don’t believe so. I see that it brings an honesty into my relationship with my children and gives them the freedom to make mistakes. Now, I have to take care that I am allowing them to make mistakes…the same mistake 100 times. That can be the challenge. I have to remind myself how many times I’ve created (and continue to create)  the same situation in my life before I learn to change from within. I have to give them the same freedom. The context may be wildly different, but the concept the same. i.e. for me it may be my bringing in the same relationships but with different people until I learn from them and stop attracting the lesson they bring vs. my children remembering to pick up their clothes. It’s all learning.

So, what is awareness? Living every day with my eyes and heart wide open and with the willingness to change for the better.

Until next time…


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