Lost in a Sea of Perfectionism

I have been lost in a sea of perfectionism that has prevented me from posting for a very long time. I have had such an amazing amount of changes flow into my life over the past two years that it hardly seems possible that two years have actually past. It feels as if it has been merely a breath of air, yet time has leaped ahead and now it is again almost the end of another year.

I have been getting the inspiration to write, but then I stop myself with walls of “Buts…” But, I haven’t written about this yet, or I haven’t written about that yet. So, finally, I have broken through the walls and am writing about what is going on today — what I’m inspired to write about today. For the rest, I will catch up as time permits and as I am inspired to do so. That may seems like such a simple solution to many of you, but for me…it is a breakthrough. I have been successful in stopping many endeavors before I begin, merely with the thought that it’s not in the right order, the right structure, the right whatever. I’m wading through all of that and despite the knowledge that it may not look like what it could, should, or would if I spent more time spinning the wheels of perfectionism, I am throwing it out there and I thank you for your patience.

I was inspired today to do a series on a book that I’m reading by Thomas Moore: Care of the Soul.

It will follow. Enjoy!

With love,


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