Care of the Soul–Part I

In 1998, I was just beginning my journey into awareness, after a lifetime of playing the role of victim and living life as though I was being whipped around by my tail. I was armed with a few books given to me by a counselor that I had only seen on a few occasions, but who was a catalyst in an entirely new life for me. After having read The Miracle of Mind Power by Dan Custer and Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom by Christiane Northrup, MD, I was ready for me. I came across Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore in a used bookstore and it reached out to me, so I bought it. It went on the bookshelf and was transferred to 4 houses without being opened, but something told me not to let it go. It’s been trying to get my attention for the past two years and finally it succeeded. Four nights ago, I walked into the dark living room and it was literally glowing on the bookshelf. Could it have been the light of the moon? Possibly, but it got my attention. I pulled it down and was immediately enraptured. I heard Dr. Wayne Dyer say one time that you will open a book when the time is right.

I have been seeking some internal guidance on the parenting of my coming of age daughter. I have a definite intention around parenting that comes with love, respect and support, but often that’s not what comes out. I’ve talked about this in previous posts and here it is again. It’s important for us to understand – in the light of self forgiveness – that we carry with us generations of attitudes, demeanors and habits that most certainly come out as we begin and continue on the parenting journey. It takes courage and persistence to break any of these habits that are not in the best interest of ourselves and our children. It takes self-love to forgive ourselves when we fall down along the way. And we will. It’s part of the journey.

Within a few pages, I knew that Care of the Soul was what I’d been seeking. My friend Tina Ferguson and I have been discussing something that she brought into awareness – nothing is broken. I was cleaning my office and came across a quote of hers that is just on this point (I love how that happens – synchronicities!).

Remember, where you are is perfect. There’s nothing to fix and nothing is broken. If something is not moving, it is exactly what is being created. If you long for something, to create a new experience, do not waste time looking to fix what isn’t wrong to begin with: Begin first with what you desire to create, then consider…Have you decided? And, are you committed? Are you ready to fly? Tina Ferguson

We can spend a lifetime trying to “fix” ourselves, but this can only lead to internal turmoil. There is nothing broken about us. We are living, we are experiencing and we are course-correcting. That’s the journey. So, I thought, “Why am I reading this…I know this.” But we only know it when we practice it, otherwise, we’re still learning it.

Until next time…take care of your soul.


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