Staying out of Fear

by Hillary Raimo

Everywhere I go, I hear people talking about one thing or another that they are afraid of. It seems to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind lately. I am afraid of this, or that, the flu, other people, change, leaving a job they hate, or partner they no longer relate too. The list goes on and on. In fact, they are so afraid, they simply do not move at all. They sit still and freeze, and this affects us on all levels. Fear has this way of paralyzing you to the point where you will not do anything. Simply put, if you are afraid, you will stay the same. We won’t live, we won’t change, we won’t question what we are told, and we will do whatever anyone else tells us because we are sacred.

We walk around with this eternal question of “OH NO, What should I do?” and we hand over our personal sense of power to anyone willing to offer us guidance. We throw away our intuition, our common sense, and look to what everyone else is doing instead.

This is the true danger of the fear mindset. It causes us to step out of our power center, where we have a strong sense of who we are, and where our balance lives, into a state of unbalanced living where power is put outside of us. In response as energy bodies, our vibration lowers, our light dims, and all kinds of things can then come in, including the flu and other dis-eases.

When we do get sick, use it as an opportunity to take a look at where your life is unbalanced, and why. Then make the necessary changes to regain balance, and nurture yourself, until your health and stronger vibration/light has returned.

It always surprises me how many people who live in fear forget to laugh, and take themselves too seriously. However, if you think about it, it would make perfect sense, because when you are in fear, you do take life and yourself too seriously because it is a threat to your very existence. Laughter and lightheartedness are hard to come by when you are in fear. Two of your natural born qualities that keep you happy, balanced and healthy.

We all fall prey to Fear; it is a great teacher. A very hard taskmaster. It will ask things of you and push you through boundaries you never even realized you had. It is when you get stuck in fear that depression develops, ill health and a variety of other physical manifestations. All asking you to stop, look and learn.

We may not be conscious of being afraid. Fear manifests in a plethora of ways in our lives. How we judge others, how we criticize ourselves, why we stay in abusive or unsatisfying relationships, or unfulfilled jobs. It is why we find any excuse not to move forward with our dreams, and yearnings. It is why we look at ourselves in the mirror with any other emotion except pure unconditional love. It is why we cringe in the corner afraid to move on any level in our lives.

Facing your fears head on, and conquering them like a good enemy is a wonderful way to move through the heart of your fears, so you can find the gold treasure that awaits in the lessons it has to teach you. The energy hold it has on you and your life then vaporizes leaving you clear, balanced and for the better because of it.

When we find others in a state of fear, we have to seek the mirror for ourselves. Instead of trying to solve it for them, or run away because we fear being close to people who are afraid, look at the why for yourself.

Having compassion for others in fear, means you have compassion for yourself when you are afraid. But remember compassion does not mean you have to take on their situation, simply witnessing it and loving them unconditionally is enough.

So instead of avoiding fear, when they surface, or you see fear mirrored back to you by the situations in your life, stop, look and learn.

Recipe for Fear Relief:

1 Cup of Laughter

3 Ounces of Silliness

4 boxes of Creative Expression

1 stick of Nature

Bake until you learn something new about yourself

Hillary Raimo teaches, lectures, and has written on a variety of empowerment issues related to multi-dimentional healing and spirituality. As host The Hillary Raimo Show: Matters for Mind, Body & Spirit now heard in over 29 countries worldwide, she speaks on a variety of topics related to higher consciousness. Hillary teaches at a variety of venues nationwide, and leads tours to sacred sites worldwide. for details

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