Purging for the New Year

Another year of abundance brought lots of new “stuff” into our environment; and although I’m extremely grateful for the gifts we’ve received, there is the dilemma of what to do with all of it. Three years ago, we were fortunate enough to purchase our first home, which was significantly larger than our tiny little rental.  We had space! Which quickly filled up with stuff. Without cleansing periodically, our home school environment quickly began to feel cluttered and tense. Despite all my attempts to organize with bins and shelves, it remained feeling cluttered and the energy in the home began to reflect the clutter. I didn’t immediately put my finger on the source of stressful feel of our home until I read the Intuitive Spark by Sonia Choquette. In her book, Sonia talks about the energy around clutter and the importance of keeping your space clear for the free flow of positive energy. This resonated with me and I began talking with my children about it. Intuitively, they got it, but getting rid of items that were wrapped in memories proved a bit more of a challenge.

I have heard many parents assure me that it is okay to purge for them: go into their rooms and just get rid of items they no longer played with or need. This never felt right to me. I couldn’t stop thinking of the double standard. How would I feel if they went into my office one day and “got rid of the stuff I didn’t need”. I realize this may be extreme thinking, but the feeling remained, nonetheless. Also, how would they learn to clear their own space if I took care of it for them? I wanted to guide them into learning to release and let go…not force them into doing it my way.

So, in October I started having discussions with my children about releasing the old and allowing space for the new. We made a collective decision that no Christmas gifts would come in until their room was cleansed. This all sounded great in October, November, and December, but due to procrastination was not dealt with ahead of the holiday and didn’t sound so great on Christmas morning. I decided to stick to the plan despite the pleas for me to forgive this for yet another year. I was determined. I told them that I was unattached to how long it would take; the Christmas presents could remain under the tree (they’d been unwrapped and called to them daily) until we concluded our cleansing journey.

I learned that asking them (at age 9 and 6) to tackle such an enormous task independently was too overwhelming for them. So…I began the seemingly impossible journey: to get my children to let go of their stuff without telling them what to release. This time, however, I used a secret weapon. I told them to ask their hearts. This removed my opinions and judgments as to what was a “keeper” and what was a “throw-away/give-away” and left the power of decision up to them. I merely held up the item and facilitated the process. They did great! They released toys that had not been played with for years and items considered inconceivable to release were dropped into the box with joy. We listened to music and cheered each time something went into the box. We packed up 2 extra-large U-Haul moving boxes. The energy in their room was instantly lighter and more peaceful. They were thrilled and very grateful. I got lots of hugs for the help and the guidance.

Once we were done and the boxes taped up, I thought they would go straight for the tree and tear into their gifts. Most interestingly, the toys remain under the tree. They have been creating in their now clear bedroom and the interaction has been joy and peace. What a great way to start the New Year! Now…to clear out my office using heart-led guidance!

Happy New Year and may your environment be clear and flowing with positive and loving energy in the coming year.


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