Choosing Joy to Weather the Storm

Life has taken an interesting turn in the last week and – as usual – has brought with it many lessons. We discovered a water leak in our kitchen that has created a cesspool under our kitchen floor, water damage to a significant portion of the kitchen floor (the total damage has not yet been revealed) and cabinetry. We are fortunate to have great insurance, but it has created an interesting diversion to our daily lives, to say the least. Now, the groundwork has been laid for me to go into complete stress overdrive, but I guess the spiritual work I’ve done over the past several years is actually having an affect! Rather than stress out, I’ve found a new approach: gratitude, joy, and presence.

I’ve been extremely grateful for our insurance coverage and our home warranty that will take care of this problem in its entirety; and I’m so grateful for all of the help and guidance that has shown up to guide us through the process. This has been the easiest part.

My children, however, have been the best teacher through all of this so far. Their reaction: joy. Pure and simple joy. They are thrilled with the whole process. To them it’s a total adventure. My daughter’s eyes lit up and she panted with excitement when I told her that a company was coming to extract out the sewage. Why? “It’s a project.” As homeschoolers, we love projects and the bigger the better. I guess I hadn’t exactly thought of this as a project, but their curiosity and innate desire to learn something new overrides any feeling of being unsettled. Of course, when we had to go to a hotel because of the antimicrobial fumes (used to treat the sewage), that was an even better adventure. What? We may have to extend that stay? Even better! Pure joy…and it’s contagious if I let it be. I decided I would just follow their lead because choosing joy over stress seemed like a no brainer.

Back to gratitude. I’m so thankful to have the awareness to see their joy and choose to emulate it, rather than get frustrated with their excited energy while I was trying to “figure things out.” Definitely my prior model!

Finally, I found myself choosing to just be present. We are totally displaced, no one can give us answers beyond what is going to happen in the next several hours and I’m actually finding that to be okay.  I’m asking for what I want: a safe, secure, well functioning and happy home, for my family to be safe and healthy through the process, for the means to pay for all of the damage and repairs to show up easily. Beyond that, what exactly can I do? So…might as well just be in the moment and wait for the next direction.

So, in a time of total lack of control…I’ll just choose to smile and breathe. For the ability to choose…I’m forever thankful!

In gratitude,


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